The Piano Parade
513 Canvasback Court, Birdsboro, PA
Fun in Knowledge, Skill, & Artistry, for Life!
  1. play music, write music, record songs, lead a band
  2. play music, write music, record songs, lead a band
  3. write music, play music, record songs, lead a band
  4. play music, write music, record songs, lead a band

The Leader of the Band

Inspirational Leadership for a New Generation

Based on ​Executive Coach Dr. Lance Secretan's Higher Ground Leadership tm principles,  and his book on inspirational leadership, The Spark the Flame and the Torch . This guided learning exploration for young adults offers a unique opportunity for self-discovery, and practical experience in leadership for the highly collaborative personal, community, and professional environments young people face today.​​

Write your own Songs, Start a Band, & Have Fun!

The Leader Of The Band is the one who has A DREAM for his or her life, and INSPIRES others to JOIN TOGETHER, to CHANGE THE WORLD! 

What we Will Do - Join Together and Create

Players will collaborate to write, record, perform and market a song. Activities will take the group through the self-reflective process of creating art, and sharing it. At the same time they will go through the marketing process for a manufactured product (a music CD), and a service (a live music production)

What we Will Learn - Conscious Leadership

Leading is a creative and unifying act that applies to our entire lives. When we are fully in the leadership game, our lives transform. It begins with an awareness of our purpose (the spark) that inspires our actions and our way of being (the flame) that inspires others to join in (the torch). 

Effective Leadership Inspires

CASTLE tm  leadership principles for a new and  connected age that celebrates collaborative achievement; Courage, Authenticity, Service, Truthfulness, Love, Effectiveness

Some Inspiring Activities We Will Do

Why-Be-Do ​tm  Why am I here? Who, and how, will I be in my life? On what have I been called to do?