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Fun in Knowledge, Skill, & Artistry, for Life!
 Piano Lessons - Artistry for Life
"During my years of teaching I have noticed that many of the most effective inner-game skills for fullfilled living are illustrated and practiced within the context of learning a musical instrument. I have designed my teaching methods to show my student-players how to take those things out and apply them in their everyday lives. In that simple expansion, they enter onto a path toward becoming self-aware and relaxed critical thinkers - curious and courageous, noticing and valuing their unique contributions, and fully in the game of enhancing the quality and character of their lives."
~Christopher, J Macy~
We provide a whole person approach to teaching
THE PIANO PARADE Learning Center is the teaching studio of Pianist, Composer, Performing Artist, and Personal Coach Christopher Macy. Using musical learning and performing as context, Christopher leverages his students' natural curiosity, and desire for growth, to get them fully in the game of living. His aim is to foster zest for knowledge, mastery, personal awareness, and continuous evolution in every aspect of life. His students are inspired to share themselves with others courageously, and enjoy enhanced personal esteem, self-trust, and social connection.​​

Christopher is inspired by his love for people, learning, personal growth, and self-expression through music and art. He teaches with a sensibility and sensitivity gained from his own lifetime of musical learning/study, and his life's experiences as a student, USNavy service-member, parent, and spouse. He is guided by the individual needs of his players to live and lead in their lives fully and expressively.
Students benefit from Christopher's experience as a performing artist, and his educational background, which includes Bachelors and Masters studies in Music and Business, and training as a Personal Coach, and a Leadership Coach.

Relishing continuous personal growth

Seeking the most worthwhile endeavors for your life

Enjoying being a beginner in things

Identifying skills to practice for mastery in everyday life

Being a focused and relaxed critical thinker

Recognizing and valuing your unique contribution

Expressing your personal strengths and talents fully​

In Music Lessons, you will Practice:

music teacher, piano teacher, leadership coach
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