The Piano Parade
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Fun in Knowledge, Skill, & Artistry, for Life!
Leadership Coaching

 Piano Lessons, and Coaching in Artistry and LIFE!

  We believe music lessons should

          be great fun!
          lead to self awareness, confidence & trust
          create an appetite for personal growth

piano class
Play Piano like a star
music class

Parents we support you. Your children will
          power-up their pursuit of self-discovery
          enjoy close social connections
          learn to lead others by being inspiring humans

Master Instructor & Professional Coach

Fully Equipped Studio

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  1. Piano Technic
    Principles of Piano technic. Students learn and practice sound and healthy movement skills to support secure and nuanced performance of beginning to advanced piano literature.
  2. Artistry in Music
    Coaching on Interpretation and performance. Students are coached to develop their personal sense of style and expression as a reflection of who they are, within the context of a variety of piano literature. They also build their knowledge-base of historical common practice in style, interpretation, and performance.
  3. Skills & Proficiencies
    Skills & Proficiencies of music. Students will practice listening skills and theory of Western music, to support secure performance and enhanced artistry. This includes sight-singing, and pitch/rhythm dictation, and diatonic/chromatic harmony.
  4. Artistry in Life
    Personal Coaching. In the context of music learning, players are coached to get in the game of living fully and expressively, on-stage and off. Personal awareness and emotional profiencies are developed to support overall social health, happiness, effectiveness, and a continuous-growth approach to living.